The guarantee is a relationship of exchange and trust between the client and PODIA. The client expect a quality of service and a quick refund.

For PODIA, thanks a deep analysis of the statistical information, we can review and improve the quality, it makes the strength of the brand PODIA distribute.

In the goal to satisfy his clients, PODIA offers :

• A basis guarantee of 24 months or 2000 hours on his range of tractors BELARUS EUROPE and 12 months or 1000 hours for the range BELRUS MONDE. • A basic guarantee of 12 months on his range of equipment BELARUS EUROPE

picto_garantie.jpg Functionment of the guarantee:every sold equipment is declared (sell certificate) by PODIA in the database The beginning of the guarantee is activated at this moment. The duration is according to the equipment itself, of the number of hours and the type of use (professional or private). In case of reselling of the material under the time of the guarantee, this one is sellable to the new owner.

When a client wishes a support in the name of the guarantee, PODIA register the demand in her database. In order to be the most precise possible, it has the possibility to attach photo and technical commentary. It can also know the situation of the on going by demand.

The guarantee department receive instantly the demand to analyze, control the failing part and proceed to the refund.

During the time of the guarantee , the user has the responsibility to make the make the maintenance of their equipment in a work ship aggregated by PODIA. For any other demand of support in name of the guarantee, PODIA can ask justificative of the maintenance or different repairs.

Before the commissioning of your equipment, we recommend you read carefully the manual of user included with each our equipment, to learn safety notice, condition of use, or driving and of maintenance, after that, you accept the contractual conditions of the guarantee. You can obtain a copy of our guarantee conditions by addressing to PODIA.


• An optional extension of guarantee to 3 years is available for the whole BELARUS EUROPE range.

This guarantee extension can be subscribed at the purchase of the equipment or in the 12 months following the purchase. According to the product, you can benefit of a cover until 4 or 5 years. So a better tranquility in the utilization of your BELARUS tractor. The applying conditions are indicated in the part « extension of guarantee. PODIA and his network of commercial agents are available for any further information.

The subscription of a guarantee extension contract must be validate exclusively by PODIA

This extension of guarantee is realized during the purchase of equipment or in a delay of 1year after the purchase on an equipment with less than 1000 hours of work, and under the reserve of the respect of the maintenance plan of the constructor by the buyer, validate by PODIA. The intermediary will give detailed condition.

The extension guarantee is functional in Metropolitan France for the range BELARUS EUROPE. It’s extended to DOM TOM, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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